Introducing New Executive Members

We had a very successful AGM, thanks to everyone who attended!

We are pleased to announce our new executive members:

  • Incoming Chair – Charlotte MacKeigan
  • Incoming Communications Officer – Kat Felix
  • Incoming Secretary/Treasurer – Mariah Blackmore
  • Incoming Web Administrator – Michelle Boychuk

Looks to be the makings of a great year. We have an awesome team assembled, as well as a great group of members to draw upon.

Our next meeting will be after the SIM colloquium. Hope to see you there!


Special Libraries Association AGM

A happy welcome to all of the new faces joining us this year in SIM, and it was good to see all of you at the Associations Display. We’re pleased to announce that SLA will have its annual general meeting next Monday, September 15th, @ 1:30 in the SIM Common Room. We’re looking forward to seeing you there. Any outgoing students with an interest in special libraries are more than welcome as well. Come one, come all!

We’ll be voting on the new executive positions at the AGM, and the open positions are:

  • Incoming Co-Chair
  • Incoming Communications Officer
  • Incoming Website Administrator
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer