Tour Report: Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women

Crystal and Maggie graciously gave their time to show us the small library curated by the Council.

A panorama of holdings
A panorama of holdings

The Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women aggregates all kinds of information relating to women, from memoirs to handbooks to info-graphics. Their major areas of focus are employment, earnings, leadership and education, for which they have created handy info-graphic fact sheets, which incorporate the newest statistics available! These fact sheets were only a few of the many, many informational pamphlets that the Council produces and circulates.

So many useful pamphlets!
So many useful pamphlets
Fact sheets with up-to-date statistics

Beyond providing a varied collection of resources Crystal spoke of the other tasks that the Council participates in, such as gathering information for policymakers and clipping women-related stories out of newspapers for publications.

Boxes of newspaper clippings
Boxes of newspaper clippings

Ultimately, much of the information gathering is done to support the Advisory Council itself, which is made up of six to twelve women who are committed to bettering the status of women within their respective communities.

Thanks to the Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women for taking the time out of their day to answer our questions, and thanks to those who came for making this tour lovely!



Tour: Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women

We are excited to announce our first tour of the Winter 2015 semester! Next Thursday we’ll be heading over to the Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women. You can find out more information about the advisory council here.

Where: Quinpool Centre
2nd floor, Suite 202
6169 Quinpool Road

When: Thursday, March 5th @ 2pm

Tour: Advisory Council on the Status of Women

Posted by Mike G., November 19th, 2012

Next Friday, November 30th we will be going on a tour of the special library for The Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women. This will be a great tour for anyone interested in women’s studies. Here’s a description of the library from the head librarian herself:

“The Library collects information resources to support the Advisory Council’s mandate. Our collection covers many issues such as violence, law, health, employment, and poverty. We have materials relating to specialized populations of women such as young women, black, native, immigrant and women with disabilities.”