The Dalhousie SLA Student Group was formed in September of 2000 by a small group of MLIS students at the School of Information Management (SIM) in order to provide networking and professional development opportunities for students interested in the special library field. From this initial core of five or six members, we have grown to a sizeable group with over twenty members, and have continued to reach out to the special library community in Halifax and beyond.

Our primary efforts are directed towards organizing library tours and networking events in order to give our student members a chance to meet with professional librarians working in special library environments. Each year we organize several tours of special libraries in the Halifax area. Previous tours have included the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, the Bedford Institute of Oceanography, the Cambridge Military Library, and the CBC Music and News Libraries, to name but a few.

Our current goal is to develop better connections with other library organizations within the Halifax area. If you are an information professional working in a special library environment or information center and would be willing to give a tour of your facility or participate in SLA-sponsored networking events, contact the SLA Student Group External Relations Coordinator.

If you are an MLIS student interested in the SLA Student Group, please contact an SLA Student Group Co-Chair for further information.


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