Workshop Report: Searching Health Sciences Databases

Robin Parker & Melissa Helwig 2015On November 24th at Noon Robin Parker and Melissa Helwig generously donated their time to give us an overview of Health resources and searching within them. Melissa and Robin will be teaching a full course on the subject in Winter 2016. There were snacks!Students, 2015, Photo by Michelle Boychuk

Highlights include:

  • the 5S/6S pyramid
  • which background questions to ask yourself and the client during a reference interview and the importance of asking them
  • Foregound questions: more specific
    • PICO, PIOx or PICOT (Population, Intervention, Comparison, Outcomes)
  • Where to search (Point of Care, Citation DBs, Hybryd DBs, Other)
  • Hands on search in PubMED

They have provided us with the slides used during this presentation. You can find those here:

Contact information:

Panorama, 2015, Photo by Michelle Boychuk

And finally, here are the slides!

Thank you so much Melissa and Robin for taking the time to share your knowledge with us!



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