Tour Report: Nova Scotia Legislative Library

David generously gave his time to show us the Legislative Library and all it has to offer. The legislative library is open to members of the public during regular daytime hours. For the general public, some materials may be borrowed through interlibrary loan at a public library, but there are exceptions that have to be used in-house: reference books, legislative materials, and very fragile texts.

Legislative Library

(Image from

Much of the information gathered in the library is to serve the Members of the Legislative Assembly and their caucus staff, but there is lots of interesting information for the public to browse. You can search the catalogue online ( to find materials. Some of the more notable collections in the Legislative Library are the first edition works by Thomas Chandler Haliburton, the Nova Scotia Journals of the House of Assembly (dating back to 1758!), and the Army Lists from 1759 to 1901.

David also took the time to show us another part of the collection that is housed across the street in another building. These materials are not as commonly circulated, nor do they easily fit into the collection in the library. There are also rare collections that are housed in another building across the street from the Legislative building.

Thank you to David from the Nova Scotia Legislative Library for taking the time out of his day to answer our questions, and thank you to those who came for this wonderful tour.


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